10: Remembering the old days

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Chapter 10.

On the following Monday, i took the girls to the terminal on their tickets. There were already a lot of people waiting for the time for the boat to start loading. It was a massive cruise liner that was capable of accommodating three hundred passengers.
I spotted the lady who gave us tickets and walked up to her. She has already started collecting the identity cards of the travelers.
“Hey, how are you today?” I said.
“Oh, i am fine thanks” she responded.
“Please do you have the travel plans of where you are going to visit over there?”
“Yes, of course” She said as she handed me a small pamphlet.
I hurriedly flipped through two pages and thanked her.
I took the pamphlet and returned to Blessing and Angel.
“I have your travel timetable now. I will know wherever you are at every given time. It will help me track your movement from here. I will send someone to meet you people there. Have a safe trip and try to enjoy yourself like every other person” I said and hugged them.
Blessing was almost about to cry.
“Listen, if you cry here, they will suspect you. Don’t worry, i will be in the UK very soon” I lied as i waved good bye and left them there.

I took a cab straight to Rose’s apartment. As expected, she was around. Where would she go anyway?
When she opened the door, she recognized me pretty fast and called my name. It seemed she was getting better daily.
“How are you and what have you been doing this past few days?” i asked.
She said the hospital bus came twice to check on her with more drugs.
“What did you cook today?” I asked, hoping that she won’t mention bread.
“I made spaghetti with sardine. Do you want some?” she said.
“Yes, i want some” I said curiously. I wanted to find out if it was really worth eating.
It was deliciously prepared. It all meant that she was getting back to a normal state of mind.
“We have a court ruling tomorrow and i would like you to be present” I said and started eating the spaghetti.
“What time?” she asked.
I told her it will start by 9am. She said she didn’t know the place and i told her i will pick her up with a taxi.
I spent an hour and half there before going back to Maria who seemed not to be excited about anything for the past few days.
She was cooking Spinach (vegetable) soup when i returned.
I walked to the kitchen and held her waist.
“I think we haven’t have a good time for the past few days” I murmured into her ear.
“You are right. You have been busy preparing the girls for UK that you forgot your wife” she said and laughed.
“Nobody ever forgets a beautiful woman” I said.
“But you did” she returned as i turned her around and kissed her squarely on the lips.
“Drop the spoon” I said as i lowered the cooking gas to the lowest where i was sure nothing will burn.
She dropped the spoon as i carried her up and took her to the sofa in the sitting room.
We kissed as we removed each other’s clothes fast and before a minute was gone, our entire covers were down on the floor. My standing manhood was Ready for action and it would be a crime against it if i had gone to look for a condom. As i pushed her back with our lips still tied together, she spread her legs wide in anticipation of the incoming strong manhood.
I probed with the tip of the manhood twice before the already slippery cunt opened up and swallowed me in one swift move. She held my back tight as i moved in and out slowly until it was time to increase the tempo.
“Baby this feels so good” She murmured as i pumped in and out of her in a uniform manner that conforms with the movement of her hips.
After several minutes on that position, i turned her around and entered her from behind. She cried out in ecstasy as i hit both sides of the walls of her cunt which was getting tighter and tighter as time goes bye. I hit the clitoris on several occasions as i also used my left hand to massage the upper part of her cunt at the same time. When i felt the sperm coming out, i withdrew my manhood and led her to the bed in our room. I put two pillows under her and made her lie on them with her stomach. Her buttocks protruded from behind and exposed even the red lips and the clitoris in a manner that would tempt a fellow woman to grow a manhood instantly.
As i mounted her again from behind, she cried out again in ecstasy. I spread her legs a little wider and knelt between them. With a lot of reserved energy, i pumped in and out while my hands rested strongly on her back.
“Baby please, baby please” She moaned out of pleasure. Although i didn’t understand what she meant by “baby please” but i guessed she was just out of the world.
I watched as she released the first time and the second time before i felt my sperm coming out again.
I didn’t think twice before releasing the entire hot cream into her.
I collapsed on top of her for several moments before she pushed me aside and lay beside me.
“That was so good” she said with a smile.
“Yes, i think so too baby”.
“You are at it again without condom” she said.

“Despite the circumstances surrounding us, if anybody deserve to have a baby for me, it is you Maria. So you can see i am not really scared of what i did” I said.
“We will do it again when i finish cooking my food” she said.
“You own me for the past few months, why in a hurry now?” i joked.
“You that travel like a seasonal bird said that i own you” she said and laughed.
“Get up and clean yourself. I need to eat and replace what i just put inside you” i said.
She smiled and got out of the bed while i lay there still exhausted.
It was one of those times i considered whether to just take Maria to one pastor or judge and marry her in secret, then carve out a normal life and start living it. But then Europe won’t be able to harbour me after everything i did to the Italian Mamas, the Nandos, the NSK and others. It would be a matter of time before they locate and take a revenge on me.
No, Ozoigbondu Will settle down in Africa after dealing with my enemies in European soil. Let any of them come for me in Africa.

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