10: No Escape Route

Mabel: am ready to take any risk with
Me: really?
Mabel: yes and am ready to do anything
you want me to do.
Me: if so then call your brother to call
his men back.
Mabel: what, who told you they are my
brother’s men?
Me: because your brother is the leader
of black axe.
Mabel: so how do you know that they
are black axe?
Me: come on Mabel, am not a kid, I
know cultist when I see one and beside
only black axe wear that type of berret.
Mabel: you sure they are my brother’s
** men?
Me: positive.
Mabel took her phone ** and dial her
brother number, I don’t know why she
use another language that I don’t
understand to speak with her brother,
after they talk for like 6minutes she cut
the call and open the ** door.
Me: what are you doing?
Mabel: come on let’s go they are gone.
Me: are you sure?
Mabel: 100%.
We came out of the door together and
enter inside the main church, we find
our way to the first door, I look around
and saw nobody.
Mabel: I told you they are gone.
we came out of the gate, I look left and
right and saw nobody,
Me: you should be going home now, I
will find my way okay.
Mabel: alright love call me when you get
home oh.
me: alright.
we separate from each other, she go left
while I follow right, I was walking looking
at my shoulder, I haven’t walk up to 2
minutes when I heard sound from my
back, I look back and saw nobody, I felt
like somebody is following me so I
hasten my footstep, after walking 2
minutes I saw two men dress in black
coming towards me from my front I turn
back and ran inside a street they ran
after me, we have two roads in that
village two of them are tiled with coater,
I was following the old road before when
I saw them I ran into a street heading to
the new road, after running two
minutes getting to the new road now I
saw another guys coming from my
front, I turn left and ran between
houses, I pass corner corner go back to
the old road I look back I nor see them
again, So I started running to my house
almost getting close to my house now I
saw at my frontage a Toyota Camry 2.4
park at the road to my house, with two
guys with heavy guns standing at each
door, me running towards them fell on
the ground when they point the gun at
me, I was breathing heavily not knowing
what to do, they came closer to me and
Point the ** gun at my head, I was like so
na like this I go die now eh.
guy 1: you don run finish?
was so afraid to speak, I was shaking as
if I dey inside Iceland.
guy 2: carry am enter motor make we
dey go joor no time to waste.
they move me from the ground like say I
nor get weight, they put me at the back
seat. then one of them make a call.
“we don get am make una go back house
tell her say we don get am” I look at the
person that make the call, Jack, Mabel’s
brother, that was the last thing I saw
before they cover my face like criminal,
but who be her wey im dey talk about, i
think there is something fishy going on
that i dont understand.
They drive for fifteen minutes before
they stop from my calculation it’s either
they are in Auchi, Amen or Sabongidda-
Ora, they park the car and they drag me
inside a building with my face still
blindfolded they make me to sit down on
a chair, while they tie my hands and the
chair with rope, they left me there
I been dey watch those kind thing for film
I never still believe say na me e dey
happen to or perhaps somebody need to
wake me up from my sleep, I was still
thinking loud when somebody walk inside
the room the person came closer to me
and unmask me.
At first everywhere was dark and
blurred in my eye no window, just one
door guarded by two men with heavy
guns, they all dress in black, then later
my eye start to dey clear small small, I
saw somebody siting on my front
dressed like blade (Wesley snipe) I was
tired and tasting, what did I do to be
treated this way, can I not date who ever
i want again, if she’s a cultist wetin come
concern me na.
Jack: I believe you know me.
Me: i need water,
Jack: you will get water when you finish
answer my question.
Jack: so do you know me.
me: no I dont know you.
Jack: am the brother of the girl you have
be fucking mabel, and the brother to
whom your girlfriend killed.
me: is that why you kidnap me?
jack: yes, I believe you know a girl called
Celestina the one that killed my brother.
me: yes I know her,
jack: good at least you are truthful, am
looking for her and you are going to
help me find her.
me: well am sorry am not going to help
you find anybody.
jack: you don’t really have a say now
because the ball is not in your court.
He called another guy from inside to
bring his phone, the guy brought it and
Jack dial number and put it on loud
TIna: hello.
jack: hello sweetheart,
Tina: Jack.
Jack: oh yeah it’s me, I told you you will
hear from me very soon.
Tina: I told you never to call my number
Jack: oh yeah, I remember that vividly,
but this one is very urgent.
Tina: what is it.
Jack: I have somebody here that will like
to talk to you.
He move the phone closer to me and
command me to speak, I didn’t want to
say anything but when he hit me gun on
my face with blood gushing out my head,
I shouted in pain.
Tina: ozila is that you ( with her voice
me: yes it’s me, (sobbing) please get
me out of here.
Tina: just hold on I will get you out, you
hear me I will make sure i get you out.
Jack move backward and cut the call.
Me: you know you are a coward, instead
of you to take the fight to her, you are
here kidnapping her boyfriend.
jack: been coward make me to survive
till now, I was ordered to keep you alive
but if I hear one more word from you I
think I will have to break that order.
waoh he was ordered that means theres
someone higher than him, but who might
that be.
his phone ring again and he pick it up,
“it’s very simple come to Amen road,
somebody will be there to pick you up”
I guess Tina is giving herself up for me,
that’s something I don’t like, Jack turn to
me and said.
Jack: your love is coming to trade
herself for you so I expect you to
cooperate, if you don’t I will have to blow
your brain off I don’t mind what she will
Me: who is the she?
Me: someone higher than me and
somebody close to you.
Somebody close to me? Who might that
be, i ask for water and i was given
water to drink, I guess the time will be
around 1am in the midnight, I heard
noises outside then all of a sudden Jack
run to my side stay at my back and
point a gun at my head, then the
gorgeous angel walk in, all dress in
white, white shoe, white shirt, white
trouser and white handglove waoh she
really look like an angel, with her two
hands up and six guns pointed to her
Celestina: hello jack
Jack: welcome celestina
(pointing the gun at her, then all of a
sudden, jack released the trigger)

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