10: First deal

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Chapter 10: The first deal.

One day, i heard a rumour that some group were moving some drugs to Vienna Austria. I inquired and found them. After negotiations, they told me how much i would pay for the transportation. I made initial marks on my ten balls and gave them. The drugs got to Vienna the following evening. It wasn’t swallowed. The group used vehicles to transport the stuff around Europe. I didn’t know how or where they hid the drugs inside the vehicle but it would be too much to ask them.

Friday, my contact got the drugs in Austria quite alright. He promised to sell and return the money to me in one week. I waited patiently. The total money i was supposed to get from him was €3000. I waited eagerly.
The cocaine business has started.

Every human being was created and wired differently.
Every human being was good at different things. We called it ‘talent’ in English Language. It was the same for business. Everybody had a kind of business he or she was good at. Business was no talent. Anything that required luck to excel was no talent. Talent required no luck. Talent was what you could do even if you were woken from the sleep.
People which made you laugh all the time were talented jokers whether they made money out of it or not. Equal talented comedians could never have the same amount of money, never.
Life itself was all about what makes you happy.

I, Ozoigbondu liked the kinds of businesses where i would negotiate directly and be in control but the kind of business i met in  Amsterdam was far different from that. Back in Brandenburg and Berlin, i negotiated with the sellers and buyers directly. I bargained and knew when to concede.

But there at the beginning of the business in Holland, i had bought some stuffs with my money. I had paid cash. Then i had packaged and sent it out to someone who lived in another country where i was not even allowed to enter. That and the other related issues went through my mind as i waited for Friday to return my money. I also thought about what was going to happen if he returned the money. I was definitely supposed to package more goods and send to him with my money again. That was no business in my own understanding. It was just one massive risky venture that required trust to thrive.
Ahhh! I hated trust. Everyone around me knew that. It was only the people whom you trusted that can disappoint you. I hardly got disappointed with misdeeds done by people i didn’t trust at all. I always liked to be close to the people i dealt with. It gave me easy access for revenge and corrections. But with my money in far away Austria, there was nothing i could do if Friday chose to steal the money, and that was exactly what happened.

A week after i sent out the goods, I called Friday and asked for the money. He asked for the name in my Passport and promised to send it the following day.
However, the following day, he sent me a Western Union Pin Number. When i got to Western Union, the guy had sent only €1000.
Out of anger, i called him.
”Guy, why only €1K” i had said.
He rambled about how business was bad and how he would send the rest when he sold the goods. There and then, i knew that the deal had been closed.

People suffered in Europe. They looked for opportunities to steal other people’s money. The lazy thieves would wait for your money to get to them, then they would do whatever they liked with it. It was the ambitious ones who would return your money at the soonest possible time so that you could send them more goods.
On the other hands, the ambitious ones would also wait until your money in their hands becomes huge, then they would cook up one lie or the other to make sure you loose the money. Some dealers in Amsterdam had devised a plan to make their marketers outside Holland to involve their own monies in the deals. It had worked for some but the bottom line was that people still found way to steal money.

During my idle moments with Dozie in his apartment, Jennifer had been calling. She had claimed that she didn’t need my money but only wanted to know how i was doing in Amsterdam. I had told her plainly that i had not started anything and that meant that i had no money for her.

After receiving the €1000, i had approached Mike. Our house rent was due and it was obvious to me that he had no money. The Ghanaian Landlord had been calling him. As a result, i gave him €800 to pay for the apartment but told him that i borrowed it from Robin. I had also told him to refund €400 when he had money. I loved what i did with the rent. It had given me some levels of freedom. I hated free meals. I was an able bodied young man who shouldn’t depend on anybody.

As it stood, i had no more money in Amsterdam. I was left with just €200. I was most tempted to call money from Nigeria but i recalled that i survived without money in Germany. I had decided to hustle without money.
At that stage, i had mastered the routes in Bijlmer. I had also gotten some phone numbers of people who dealt in large quantities. People who had contacts in South America and west Africa. They were the people who brought the raw stuff into town and distributed to the small dealers who would in turn, mix it with Ntugwa and export to the neighbouring countries.

I started sourcing for raw stuffs and selling to people who needed them. I would first make calls to some people in the morning and tell them that i had some raw stuff. If they needed, they would ask me to get it. I would then go to people who had raw stuff and cook what they had. If their stuffs was what i wanted, i would take some and go to those who needed them. Sometimes, i would sell and other times, i would return the drugs to the owners without selling anything.
After a month of such method, i raised and saved up to €3000.
I didn’t want to send it home since it was nowhere near what i used to make in Berlin. It was time to buy stuff and send out of Holland again. Ozoigbondu made that silly mistake again.

” Promises mean everything, but
after they are broken, sorry means

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    Every business is a risk , whether D biz or Normal biz , it might have unpleasant or undesirable results . Keep going nothing mega

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    Reading the story with pity for zuby.
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