10: I lied to Rose

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As soon as we got to my hotel room, I grabbed the round backside that had been messing around with my senses. There was no resistance whatsoever from the host body. I rubbed and squeezed it several times before moving my hands upstairs to the two pointed bosoms. Both of them were standing firm under the Bra as if it had never been touched.
Rose had started rubbing my chest too. She was playing with the hairs on my chest, pulling them slowly and Romantically. The sensation was running down my body through the spines.

I pushed her slowly down the bed and started removing her trousers. There was no resistance too.

My body system had started getting excited in anticipation. It was going to happen. I was going to tap into that robust round backside.

”Do you have a condom” she asked as soon as I removed the last piece of artificial material on her body.

I nodded as I reached for my Giorgio Armani wallet. I removed a Durex condom from it and threw it at her to open while I pulled down my trousers as if it had caught fire.

”Do it harder” Rose said time after time as I pumped in and out with all my strength.
The alcoholic in my system held the spermz from coming out as I moved in and out of the wet cunnt.
The whole of her vagynna was so soft that one could even release by mere looking at it.
She held my back and begged me to do it harder.

We climaxed at the same time. I laid on top of her for several seconds until the last drop of my sperm had fallen into the condom, then I slowly stood up and headed for the bathroom.
She met me inside the bathroom as I was disposing off the condom.
She grabbed my wet dicck and started rubbing it again.
I wondered what she intended to do. She kept rubbing it inside the bathroom until the dicck started rising again, then she asked for another condom.
”It is inside the wallet in the room” I said.
She dragged me through the dicck inside room and handed my wallet to me.
I opened it and brought out another Durex condom.
She opened it and expertly slipped it on my already erect dicck.

”Lie down on your back” she said.
I obeyed the command. She climbed on top of me and slowly guided my dicck into her wet cunnt. She pumped up and down and up and down again and again until she started moaning out loud again. I had unknowingly started moaning as well. The pleasure coming from the act was like never before.
She pumped for several minutes and when she got tired, she climbed down and dragged me towards the only table in the room.
She held the table and pushed her backside outwards.
The mound of her Vagynna stared at me with such inviting lips that even a Rev Father couldn’t turn down.
I entered her slowly through the back and pumped away like a dog.
After two minutes of continuous pumping, I raised my right leg and placed it on the edge of the table. A new kind of balance was striked. I pushed inside of her harder and harder until she started shouting with pleasure.
I feared that someone could hear her from the outside but who cared, I paid for the room for one night and there was no agreement that said ‘No’ woman should shout from the room’

She Climaxed before me as the inner walls of her cunnt held firm on my dicck. I also came a few seconds later.
I pulled myself from her and collapsed on the bed. She collapsed beside me and played with the hairs on my Unclad chest.

”You are the sweetest girl in this country” I said to her. I am going to start visiting Port Harcourt every weekend just to be with you.
She smiled and continued what she was doing on my chest.

Early in the morning, she woke up and announced she was leaving. I gave her N4000 and promised to invite her to Enugu in a week’s time.

She thanked me and left.
Later in the day, I took my bath and checked out of the Hotel.

I drove out to the Olu Obasanjo and joined the Aba road. I headed to Eleme Junction and found myself back on the Enugu-Port Harcourt highway. I reluctantly drove past Obigbo knowing that I was leaving that untapped cunnt behind. But It was time to go back to Enugu only that I didn’t make it to Enugu that day.

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