1: The Expected Induction

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The problem with human beings has always been that we want everyone we know to behave in a certain way.
While thinking this way, we all forget that we are wired differently inside the stomach before coming out here.
We were wired to do different things at different times.

My name is Maria James.
I was born in Nigeria but relocated to Italy when i was just 18.

The purpose for my travel was not what i met when i got to Italy and as a result, i turned to prostitution since it was the only work available for illegal immigrants.

I had walked into the Uncle’s restaurant alone that afternoon and sat down on the long stool directly opposite the bar.

“Give me that small bottle of Vodka” I pointed towards the rafters.

The barman, an Italian young man, looked at me and said, “How old are you?”

It was the usual question asked to suspected teenagers before giving them alcohol since the Italian laws prohibited selling it to them.

But the Nigerian mentality took over me.
Rather than telling him that i was already 20, i started asking him counter questions.

“What do you want to do with my age? If i dont tell you my age, won’t you give me the drink?”.

I was still raising my voice when Uncle himself showed up from nowhere.
His presence was disturbing because, despite that i wanted to create some ‘big girl’ impression on the other girls inside the bar, i didn’t want to start on a wrong foot with Uncle himself.

“What is it Antonio?” Uncle asked the barman while his eyes were all over me.

As expected, i was dressed in prostitution clothes, revealing every part of my body that was capable of attracting men.

I was wearing a bumshot that almost revealed the hairs around my cunt.
My eyeslids were painted with a mixture of red and brown while my lips were fully painted red.

A short blouse that revealed half of my stomach, hung on my shoulders, revealing the braless boobs that vibrated at every slight turn i made.
On my legs, were high-heel boots that stretched all the way to my lower knees.

I had purchased the entire items five days after moving into my new apartment in Castel Volturno.
Melissa, my only friend in town, had taken me to the mall where i bought the items and many more similar clothes.
It was time to become a high class prostitute because the days of standing along the popular Domitiana highway, waiting for men to pay 10 Euros and sleep with me was over.
It was time to show the world what i had learnt in the streets.

“Uhm boss, i just asked the lady her age” Antonio said.

“Follow me to my office” Uncle said to me.

Trouble detected!

I jumped down from my stool and followed Uncle to his office.

“Sit down” He announced as soon as we walked in. “You are the Maria girl who came here some days ago”.

I nodded and remained quiet.

He continued.
“The rule here is not to sell whisky to girls below 18 Years. The Italians government warned about such things. We have been able to remain open for business because We maintain the laws. The moment we start to become stubborn to the Government rules, they won’t blink before shutting us down. But that’s is not why i brought you to my office”.


Uncle was a Nigerian. According to him, he was among the first Nigerian hustlers who came to Castel Volturno in 1991. He married an Italian and they got divorced after five years. The marriage produced two kids who lived with their mother while he sent money monthly.
He had red Italian Passport and at 40 years, he planned to return to Nigeria for Marriage if he didn’t find a decent Nigerian girl to marry in Italy.

“I like you” He had said as he stood up from his chair and walked to where i sat.

Since the visitor’s chair in the office was a long sofa, he sat beside me and put his hand around my neck.

I didn’t resist, i thought i was in trouble and if putting his hand around my neck would make my sins go away, so be it.

But it wasn’t going to be because it didn’t take long before the hands slowly found its way down to my half naked boobs.

As he squeezed the right breast, his mouth found the left one.

Uncle sucked on my breast slowly until i couldnt hold on my breath, then i started moaning.

As he sucked on my breast, he made promises occasionally.

I knew that the young firm boobs had taken over his thinking, therefore i didn’t take him serious.

I moaned as he sucked and eventually, his fingers found their way past my bumshot into my cunt.

There was no need to resist, i didn’t even think about it. I had already prepared my mind to do everything possible to secure my membership into the popular Uncle’s run girls’ club.
There was no way i could return to the streets since i had paid for my freedom. I was already a big girl despite my young age.

As time passed, i joined uncle in touching various sensitive parts of our bodies.
I had unzipped his trouser and brought out his manhood.
As he dipped his fingers slowly into my vagina, i sucked on his manhood.

We both moaned whenever we could as the action slowly turned from sucking to removing the entire clothes in our bodies.

About thirty minutes after walking into his office, my hands were tightly holding his wooden table while he rammed his manhood into my vagina from the back.

Uncle was good at doing it. His manhood hit every corner of my Vagina as he pumped in and out of me as if he had been starved of sex his entire adult life.

I held the table and spread my legs wide enough to allow easy penetration for him.

About an hour after walking into his office, he finished fvking me.

There was a door in his office that led to a bathroom , i entered it and cleaned myself up, then i returned into the office and sat with him on the Sofa.

It was time to discuss business but one thing i was sure was that whatever proposal he brought forward about marrying me or living with me was going to be rejected.
I was there to make some money and not to be kept at home and feed like a prisoner.
I had many years ahead of me.

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    Maria u ‘ve make up ur mind to continue this prostitution abi,I pity u the better u change.

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    Like this Maria has inbuilt stubborness in her. Nice update though it is short small.

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    Dt was some real induction by Uncle…..welcom to higher class Akwuna…..thanks Zubby…..cheers

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    This Maria really tried for sharing every detail of her sex life to you, its not easy for some ladies to be 100% open. My thumbs are up for her. I can relate to this story

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