Season 6: Nowhere To Hide. Chapter 1: Scandinavia

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Chapter 1: Scandinavia 2

I landed at the Skavska International airport Nykoping Sweden on a Friday Afternoon. I had returned from Paris France where i had traveled to renew my European Resident permit Documents. I had asked Akunne, a friend of mine in Berlin to send the rest of the money he owed me to Sweden; He did. As soon as i cleared immigration, i took a cab to Stockholm where my girls has been waiting for me for the past few days.
Maria, my unofficial fiancee was there to welcome me outside our apartment.
“I missed you so much” She said.
I wanted to tell her that i missed her as well but sometimes men were expected to hold such things back; that was what i did.

We had walked into our apartment together where i was confronted with two new plates containing different kinds of cooked foods.
“I ate at the airport” I said in a bid to reject the food.
Throughout the entire two months i had lived with Maria, i didn’t eat any food she prepared behind me; not without her eating with me anyway. The reason was simple; I had done something very bad and unforgettable to Maria back in Italy.
I had stolen her two sex workers and a large sum of money which she gave me to travel to Tripoli to get new girls for her. I wasn’t sure she has forgotten about those things and it was really important that i protected myself the best i could. I was living with her because i needed her to get the names, phone numbers and addresses of some Italian Mamas whose jobs were to bring teenage African Girls to Europe for prostitution. So far, we have succeeded in rescuing numerous girls and sending them either to school, asylum camp or elsewhere.

I had achieved a lot of those things with a three-month resident permit from France and it was the same resident permit that i had gone back to Renew in France. The French foreign office had given me another six months to stay in their country.
I was supposed to stay back in France and work with the permit but unfortunately, i wanted to live elsewhere. I made a lot of enemies back in France and it was one of the reasons why i chose to live in Scandinavia.

“Are you rejecting my food?” Maria asked bluntly.
“I said i ate at the airport, why is that very difficult for you to understand? Maria i am sure you have eaten as well. Since two of us have eaten, let us eat this together” i said, seeing a good opportunity to either escape eating the food alone or escape eating it at all.

Maria went into the kitchen and brought an extra spoon for herself. She was the first to start eating without saying anything.
“Listen baby, i am very exhausted now. You haven’t asked how things happened down in Berlin and Paris. I am not hungry and if i just eat one or two spoonfuls, you will think that i don’t like your food” I said, seeing another opportunity to cover the real reasons.
She didn’t say a word until she finished eating.

When she met me inside the room, she asked how the operations went.
I told her some of the things that happened and left out the bad ones Such as shooting Ralph or sleeping with any woman.
“Tell me what happened in my absence” i said.
“Rose said that a woman came to her apartment with two men. She said she had opened the door for them thinking that they were the usual Jehovah’s Witness people but when they came into the apartment, they asked of You and I” She said.
I struggled to pretend that i wasn’t scared.
“What else did she say they asked her?” i said as i picked up my phone and started dialing Rose.

“Hello Brother” Rose said from the other end of the phone.
“I heard that some people came looking for us” i said.
“Yes sir, it was a Benin woman with two men. They asked where you live but i told them that i didn’t know” She said.
“Very good. What does she look like?” I asked.
“She is black and slim with big buttocks. She didn’t tell me her name” She said.

Apparently it was Aunty Joy. She was seriously searching for her girls and the only place she could do that was in Stockholm Sweden. I had rescued some teenage girls from her and sent them to the asylum camp in Lulea Sweden and she had paid some Ransom money to have them released but the objective why i rescued the girls was far more important than money.

After talking with Rose, I called Aunty Joy with my German phone number.
“Someone saw you with two men at a train station in Stockholm. What were you doing there?” I asked.
After a little hesitation she said, “What did i do to you Austin? You took my money and my girls and you are nowhere to be found. Do you want to send me back to Africa?” She was crying.

“Listen, there is no need to cry. You are an evil woman and you know it. Those girls have chosen how they want to live. Stay away from them. Your money is gone too. And for the two big-for-nothing thugs following you up and down, tell them to get you pregnant so that you can give birth to a girl and send her to the street to make money for you through prostitution. I am coming to Sweden in one week time. If i as much as see you there, you will end up in the Police net” I said.
“Is Maria part of this?” She asked.
“Stop asking questions and return to Italy where you sell you body for money because the girls won’t return to you” I said.

Immediately after talking to her, i got out of the bed and took a cab to the Central Station. There was an office that sold ferry boat tickets to every coastal part of Europe.
I enquired for the tickets and the lady behind the counter said it was €240 to the UK and Republic of Ireland.

On my way back to the apartment, i called George, a friend of mine in Paris and told him that i needed about five resident permit cards that could send some girls to the UK.
He said he was going to Romania to see his mother but will get the permits as soon as he returned to Paris.

The next plan was to send the girls out of Sub-Continental Europe to the United Kingdom.
After the girls must have left, i would also relocate from Stockholm to another city or Possibly to Another Country.

“It is only a tree that heard that it will be cut down and yet remain where it is”

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