1: Caged By Enemies

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“Basil,” I said and started crying.

I needed to get sympathy by all means.
I wanted to convince everyone present that what happened to Basil also affected me negatively.

“I didn’t see you at the Nightclub. I didn’t know you have been released. I was just tired and decided to go home” I said through sobs.

“Will you shut up and say the truth. You left Passion Club when he came in. You think i didn’t know” Bola shouted.

“You are such a coward Bola. So you went and bring Basil here because i asked you to give me my money” I shouted back.

The slap landed on my left cheek. Bola had just slapped me and it was a welcomed development. I wanted some kind of incidence that could derail the topic at hand for a while.

I didn’t fight Bola, I just stood there and cried more.
Basil tried to ask me questions but i didn’t say a word. I was slapped and that covered all the talks from me.

Basil was getting frustrated. The slap gave me some time to think about how to delay Basil. The answer eventually came to me.

“Basil,” I said, “I am very sorry for what happened to you, there was nothing i could do for you, so i just took the money to Italy and hide it.”

I was happy i could come up with such lie. It was a massive lifeline, i was going to get another chance to go to Italy and the moment we step into Italy, i would be able to create a scene that could swallow Basil or Solomon or both.

“That’s good” Basil said as he looked at Solomon and smiled.

Bola who thought that it was over for me, stood and wondered how i was able to control the situation.

“We are going to Italy with you” Solomon said.

“No, we will seize her Passport, she will go alone and bring the money here” Bola said.

My heartbeat increased. The bastards were going to seize my international passport.
I was sure that it was the best thing to happen to me in that situation. I could return to Italy with the resident permit card alone. I thought that one or both of them would offer to follow me to Italy but they declined.

Basil said his documents were seized by the Dutch Authorities while Solomon simply refused to follow me to Italy.

“Why seize my passport, i said i will bring the money. Do you want me to fly your money to Holland without passport?” i asked Basil.

He said he didn’t care how i bring the money, he just wanted his money.

Bola was dragging my hand bag with me. He was asking me to bring out my passport or he would tear my bag.
I didn’t know what his problem was. He seemed to have been more concerned about the missing money.

“If my passport is what you want, you can have it” I said as i grabbed the bag from Bola.
It was time to give them my passport. It was obvious that i had to do something before i could be allowed to go.

I opened my bag and brought out my green Nigerian international passport, handed it over to Basil and said, “Since you can no longer trust me, take the passport.”

Basil took my international passport and opened it. Bola and Solomon stood and watched him as he flipped through the passport pages, looking for whatever was best known to him.

“Can i have my money now?” i turned and said to Bola.

He didn’t do or say anything, he just stood and stared at me as if i wasn’t serious.

“Bola, i understand you don’t want to give me my money after taking risks to visit Finland. I brought your money back here, yet you don’t want to pay me my own share. If i am a thief like you think, i would have gone straight to Italy with your money. If i leave this apartment without my money, you will regret ever knowing me” I said and braced for another slap; the bastard took the bait and hit me again.

Solomon has gotten concerned and angry.
“Stop beating the girl. If you owe her, why don’t you pay? Or do you have another problem with her?”

Bola seemed to be surprised at what Solomon said. My guess was that they had some kind of agreement which was being broken by Bola.

“This girl is a liar. She is not telling the truth” Bola shouted.

Out of anger, i rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a sharp kitchen knife.
Before i could get to where Bola was standing, Solomon stopped me and took the knife from me.

“I swear i will kill you Bola. Just watch and see what i am going to do” I said as i grabbed the door handle and opened the door.

“We are not done here Maria. How and when am i getting my money?” Basil turned and said.

I stopped in the passage way. “Its a shame that after months in prison, the first thing you did was to fight me. I returned from Hungary with your money but you were not there. I have brought money to you from different countries, yet its difficult for you to trust me. I am going to Italy. But trust me you wont get a dime from me if i return to Italy without my international Passport” I said.

The lift in the tall building had suddenly stopped on the 17th floor where i was. A man and woman stepped out of it and opened the apartment next to Bola’s.
Before the lift door could close, i held it and stepped inside.
Bola and Basil rushed at me, held the lift door from closing and asked me to step out.
I ignored them and stayed where i was.
The couple who just got out of the lift, watched from their open apartment as the drama ensured. They didn’t say anything, i figured they were scared to get involved.
They watched as Bola and Basil held my hand and pulled me out from the lift compartment.

I struggled for freedom but the two men were stronger. They succeeded in pulling me out of the lift and dragged me back into the apartment, then pushed the door closed with force.

I didn’t know what their next line of action was going to be but the couple saw how they dragged me out of the lift. I was sure they would could the Police. All i needed to do was to stay calm and dance to their tunes for as long as possible.
One thing i was sure of was that they were never going to kill me; i was with their money which i claimed to have hidden in Italy.

“Sit down there” Basil had said.

Busie boy.. For your birthday…
Live on boy.

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